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Welcome to Optical Synergies

Founded in 1995, Optical Synergies is the largest “buying group” of independent optical labs and integrated retailers in the U.S. By traditional definition, buying groups negotiate favorable prices for its members based on the group’s purchasing power. Certainly this is part of what we do. The following are some of the “traditional” activities/benefits our members enjoy:

  • Negotiated supplier pricing discounts
  • Ancillary Services including special pricing with Dell, Staples, USave LED Lighting, and TransFirst Credit Card processing
  • Your membership fee is paid by suppliers as long as your account with them is current
  • Networking and Marketing Opportunities with like-minded members
  • National Educational conference held annually attended by members and vendors
  • Assistance with constructing or updating your social media outreach
  • Fully integrated secure website which contains all pricing and promotions

Beginning around mid-year of 2015, our members will be able to order almost all their lenses from the Global Optics, Inc. warehouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This arrangement will save time, increase efficiency, reduce the cost of goods on lenses, as well as generate huge savings on freight. This is an exclusive arrangement between Optical Synergies and Global Optics, Inc.

As our industry changes and the challenges for our members intensify, Optical Synergies will continue to evolve as well. Our recent conversations with the AOA and Executive Directors of the state optometric associations has led to legislation being introduced that puts an end to the exclusionary practices of the managed vision care plans in several states. We continually look for ways to help our members in “non-traditional” ways.

If you are already a member of Optical Synergies, thank you for your support. If you are not currently an OS member and would like more information on how to join us, please feel free to contact Optical Synergies for more information. Use the “About Us” tab above to find our contact information.