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Q: What does it cost to become a member?
A: There are no upfront costs to join the group. The 3% membership fee as a percent of your purchases is paid by the vendors as long as your account is current with the vendors.
Q: Do I have to make a purchase commitment to be in the group?
A: Mutual commitments have been established between Optical Synergies and our premium suppliers. In order to maintain and enhance this relationship, it is imperative that the members support these suppliers by purchasing the majority of your lens and supplies needs from them. Fragmentation hurts everyone, so do your part and look to our vendor partners for your purchases.
Q: Does being a member of the group change the relationship that I have with my local representative?
A: No, you will receive the same support from your sales representative that you have in the past. As a matter of fact it will strenghthen your relationship with your sales rep. and their organization.
Q: What vendors do you work with?
A: Optical Synergies has relationships with a high percentage of the vendors that serve the U.S. wholesale optical market, as well as the ability to provide negotiated discounted pricing with companies such as Dell, Staples, TransFirst, and USave LED Lighting.... with more to come!
Q: What other benefits are their for being a member of the group?
A: Optical Synergies has an annual conference where members and vendors join together to compare notes, discuss industry issues and gather information that helps them improve the operation of their business. Quarterly newsletter to keep all members informed regarding the latest new product offerings and group information. Other benefits are the discounts we have negeotiated with non-optical comapnies such as Dell and Staples. By mid-2015 our members will have the option of ordering the lenses from the Global Optics warehouse thus reducing their freight and lens cost while continuing to use the lens vendors they prefer. Web site to use as a reference tool to source pricing, previous news letters etc. Excellent customer services provided by those who are dedicated to making your membership with Optical Synergies a valued relationship.
Q: Who can I call or email to discuss questions regarding membership or billing?
A: Jim Misco Group Director Optical Synergies mobile: 1-760-522-7686 work: 1-309-734-9238 Angie Taylor Group Coordinator Optical Synergies office: 1-800-305-2082 ext.9239 fax: 1-847-257-8378
Q: What is the Optical Synergies monthly statement payment remit address?
A: Please remit all Optical Synergies monthly statement payments to: Optical Synergies 7586 Solution Center Chicago, IL 60677-7055